Vörubílalyfta (Sérpöntun)

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Lifting Capacity 7.5 tons per column
Max. Lifting Height 1700mm
Time of Full Rise 120 sec.  
Voltage(option available) 220v, 1ph  
Motor power per column 2.2kw
Weight per column 580kg
Tire diameter
Fit range
Max. Hydraulic pressure 20Mpa
Mobile jack stands(available option)
One unit per column & two units for four columns
Tow Feature
Wheel Engaging Mobile lift is the most up-to-date hydraulic heavy vehicle lift machine driven by hydraulic cylinder in each column, the holding fork arms rise and lower easily and smoothly. High-accuracy balancing system ensures the cylinders work synchronously. Unique design aims to fit heavy duty vehicle assembling & Repair shop.
The lift is available for the vehicles within 30 tons for the purposes of assemble, repair, maintenance, oil changing, washing and all the possible services.
Unique synchronization system
This ensures a smooth lift up & down cycle, even when the load is unequally distributed.
Human engineering
Each column is equipped with a control box, there are one master control box and three slave control box. Each column has a hydraulic pump unit.
Safety Measures
Double load-safety measures are at your disposal. Both the continuous hydraulic safety device with check valve and the mechanical safety, self-inhibiting with safety book. Each column is equipped with up limit switch.
Diagnosing trouble function
Lift will stop immediately if there are any problems.
Three Specification
lift is designed and manufactured under the items EN1493:1998 European Standard. The technical parameters are shown in the diagram 2.
Ground requirements: the surface and the foundation should be able to bear the pressure of at least 15 Mpa. The gradient of the floor surface must be not more than 1:200, within the indoor and outdoor use, in the non explosive areas only.