Tyre pressure gauge digital

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Easy to use

Suitable for cars, motorcycles, caravans,
campers, trailers, trucks etc.

Checking your tyre pressure regulary
increases safety and saves fue
For the correct tyre pressure, check the
handbook of the vehicle or ask your

Driving with the correct tyre pressures
increases the lifetime of the tyres

Various displays possible:
Bar, PSI, kg/cm2 and kPa

Accurate reading and a wide range
from 0-7Bar

Range: 0-100PSI or 0-7Bar or 0-7kg/cm²
or 0-700kPa

Accuracy: +/- 1,5%

1/4” LCD-Display

Unit change for: PSI, bar, kg/cm² and kPa

Operating temperature: 0-100°F
Suitable for:
-SUV’s / trucks Motorcycles
Passenger cars

3V lithium battery included