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Deep pore and easy rust removal - can be applied on vertical and overhead surfaces
Harmless to most materials - Alternative to laborious and dusty manual grinding or sandblasting
In the dip method, the product can be re-used until totally saturated (dark brown) - easy to use


1. Remove any loose rust (e.g. using a wire brush), dirt, grease and oil.
2. Apply the gel in a thick even layer using a brush, so that the rust can be properly absorbed. Small rusted parts can be dipped in the gel. In that case, pour the required quantity of gel in a separate clean plastic container. This could be re-used until totally saturated but the performance of the product will decrease while the product becomes darker and darker.
3. Let the gel settle until the desired result is achieved, but do not let the gel dry out. The reaction time depends on the thickness of the corrosion layer to be treated and on the type of metal (from 30 minutes for very light corrosion to 24 hours for heavy corrosion). Aluminium, zinc and other sensitive metals may be attacked after too long exposure.
4. Rinse off with water and treat the metal as if it was new and bare.
5. In case of heavy rust, it might be necessary to apply the gel a second time.
NB: Letting the gel dry out will create a phosphating effect, leaving a protective passive film which temporarily protects the treated surface before re-corrosion and improves the adhesion of primers and coatings.

Although, it’s not recommended to let the gel dry out, e.g. if a clear finish is desired, as the protective film is a hazy white colour and is hard to remove.

In the case of large surfaces, you can cover the gel using plastic food film. This prevents the gel from drying out and it also ensures that the gel will continue to work until it is saturated (darker in colour).