Lyfta Tveggja pósta Hærri

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• Asymmetric lifting arms provide free access to vehicle doors
• Upper synchronization: 2 hydraulic cylinders + 2 pulling cables
• Safe and reliable electromagnet release
• Lowering without the use of the hydraulic unit
• Manual lock release of emergency lowering valve
• Reinforced lifting carriages to prevent deformation
• 24 V push button control box
• Crash-proof rubber pads provide vehicle door protection
• Slide blocks made of temperature-resistant, high-strength nylon
• Double safety system: the vehicle is kept at the required height by hydraulic pressure and automatic locking ratchets
• Convenient threaded supports with rubber pads
• Base plates made of 6 mm sheet steel
• Required foundation depth: max. 150 mm
• Durable powder coating.

Technical Data

Lifting capacity 4000 kg
Min. height 110 mm
Lifting height 1900 mm
Distance between columns 2800 mm
Overall width 3426 mm
Motor power 2.2 kW
Overall height 3605 mm
Power supply 3PHx400V/50Hz
Lifting/lowering time 22/50 s
Net Weight 603 kg"