Bílalyfta Skæralyfta (Sérpöntun)

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• Double scissors lift, pick up points under body sills, extendable platforms
• Low profile platforms (105 mm height), takes up minimum space
• External hydraulic unit with control panel
• Hydraulic synchronization of platforms
• Pneumatic safety lock is automatically engaged after pressing the up/down button
• Return valve prevents the platforms from accidental falling in case of broken hydraulic hose, for the safety of operator and vehicle
• Weldless solid platform ensures reliability and durability
• Low voltage controls conform to CE standards.

Standard shipment:

• 2 Double scissor lift units
• 1 External control panel
• Accessories for the connection of scissors and control panel
• Set of 4 rubber blocks.

Technical Data:

Lifting capacity 3000 kg
Power supply 3 PH x 400 V /50Hz
Lifting height 1850 mm
Platform length without extensions 1450 mm
Total platform width 2050 mm
Platform width 660 mm
Lifting/lowering time 55 / 55 s
Total lift length with extensions 2050 mm
Motor power 2.2 kW
Min. hight 105 mm"