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Product name Mains powered LED inspection light
Art SIN-100.0020
Price 52.000000
EAN code 8717775513490
Length 51 mm
Width Ø 5 mm
IP rating IP20
Brightness 500 Lumen
Brightness main lamp 500 Lumen
Cable length 5 m
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 50 °C ° C

More Info

&bull, Dazzle free &bull, All the advantages of LEDs with the brightness of a fluorescent tube &bull, 500 Lux brightness &bull, 120ş, Wide light spread &bull, Oil and UV proof &bull, Working temperature: -20ş,C &tilde, 50ş,C &bull, Less power consumption than a traditional light &bull, Lamp use is not affected by cold temperatures &bull, Long life LEDs (life span 100.000 hours) &bull, No more replacement of a fluorescent tube unlike a fluorescent lamp &bull, 240 V/12 V DC