Grjótvörn Toughcoat

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One Coat Coverage - Saves time and money
Fast Paint over - Lightweight formula
Replicates most OEM finishes - Professional repair
3 colours available - Right colour for job
High build formula - Covers welds and seams
Stone chip and under body coating in one - Reduced inventory
Plastic Bottle - Lighter and stronger than metal Shutz style tins
Sandable - Can blend texture
High solids- 60% - Fully VOC compliant
IR drying possible

1.Can be used on suitably prepared bare metal (for over-coating aluminium, use Etch primer first) and original paint surfaces.
2.Thoroughly clean and degrease old paint surfaces, wet flat with 400 grit paper, for bare metal use 180 grit paper.
3.Wipe entire area with Kent Acrysol and allow to dry.
4.Shake bottle thoroughly before use.
5.Apply with KENT Aqua Gun (86190) or Shutz Gun (34483), adjusting air pressure to achieve required finish, allow approx. 10-15 mins between coats for solvent to flash off when building a thick coat.
6.Clean gun thoroughly after use