Glermassi kit

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  • G-Force Polishing Compound .250 kg
  • Get distortion-free scratch removal results with Polishing Compound. A key component of Basic Technique Scratch Removal, this non-abrasive compound works together with the Gforce Max, Backer Pad, and Polishing Disk to remove scratches quickly and easily.
  • Glerslípiskífur 3" - 3 stk
  • Distortion-free scratch removal wouldn’t be possible without these non-abrasive Polishing Disks. Polishing Disks are also used during the “clearing stage” of Advanced Technique Scratch Removal.

    Water Feed Hole: All sizes include a center water feed hole. This allows for water to flow on-demand when using Gforce systems with a built-in water feed (including the Max). If your Gforce system does not have a built-in water feed, the center hole will not cause issues.

  • 3" Bakplatti m/festingu
Remove the scratch, not the glass. This non-abrasive compound removes scratches quickly and easily.

Each jar contains approximately .250 kg of Polishing Compound. One jar is enough for up to 60 hours of scratch removal.


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