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EV Verkfæraskápur

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A fully loaded 7 drawer lockable tool cabinet, for securely storing and organising hybrid / EV tools and safety equipment in one place. The cabinet is supplied complete with a comprehensive range of Laser’s Hybrid/EV products, stored in EVA foam trays, providing technicians with all the basic tools required to work on hybrid & electric vehicles. The cabinet can be set up in the workshop and moved next to the vehicle being worked on, within the restricted area, ensuring the technician has the hybrid/EV tools and PPE required easily to hand. It features customised external supports for storing safety barrier posts and bases, together with a bracket for an insulated rescue pole, freeing up valuable storage space and keeping equipment located together.

  • Lockable cabinet with 7 drawers with roller bearing runners. Overall size: 682 x 460 x 804mm. Maximum capacity: 400kg. Includes unique supports to store safety posts, bases and rescue pole.
  • Cabinet contents include a range of insulated hand tools, testers, shrouding, probes, clamps, lockout equipment, PPE & safety signage.
  • Cabinet includes 4 wheels (125mm) - 2 fixed & 2 swivel with brakes and heavy duty side handles allow for easy manoeuvrability. Made from cold rolled steel with powder coated paint finish.
  • Hybrid/EV tool cabinet with no tools or inserts available, please see Laser Part 
  • The contents of this cabinet can be tailored to include any hybrid/EV tools within the Laser range, providing flexibility to build a bespoke product range targeted specifically for workshop needs.