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A comprehensive dent removal glue kit, ideal for reducing small dents, providing three methods of pulling dents: T-bar slide hammer for deeper dents; hand-operated easy puller for smaller dents and offers more control for finishing a dent; simple hand puller for shallow dents and final dent finishing.

  • Comprehensive set of dent removal tools and accessories providing three different options of dent removal, using with T-bar sliding hammer, easy puller or hand puller.
  • Accessories: spray bottle, plastic scraper, tap down tool (with 2 replacement taps) & 4 aluminium glue pulling tabs.
  • Consumables: 15 assorted plastic glue pads, including circular and split elliptical pads suitable for a variety of different dent shapes and sizes. Also included are 4 assorted alloy glue pads which are suitable for deeper, sharper dents where a stronger pull is needed.
  • CE, UKCA & RoHS compliant.